Deer Island

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Deer Island is a small island (12 km long). The ferry departs Letete, New Brunswick. Letete is a short distance from Saint George (approximately 20 minutes depending upon road conditions). Whale watching, birding, kayaking, diving and fishing are popular tourist activities.

Interesting Places

Old Sow Whirlpool
Old Sow is one of the largest tidal whirlpools in the world and is located just off the southern tip of Deer Island. How big is it? The whirlpool can be as large as 250 feet or 75 metres in diameter. Or it can be as small as 12 feet or 4 metres across. Sometimes it even gives birth to piglets - smaller whirlpools that surround it. It's usually at its best a few hours before high tide and during full moons.

In addition to the piglets, the surrounding water can also stand up or spout into the air. There have also been 10 to 17 foot (2.5-5 metre) depressions in the water.

The Old Sow whirlpool can be dangerous. The earliest recorded fatality was back in December 1817 when several men from the area were caught in the whirlpool while leaving Moose Island.

As impressive as it currently is, it may have been even more impressive in the past. Historian Joyce Kinney states that the Quoddy Tidal Project reduced the Old Sow whirlpool's strength.

Read Wired Magazine for several accounts of people who have gotten caught in the Old Sow whirlpool.

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When you visit Deer Island, you'll spot many herring weirs and wooden sardine carriers. For over 125 years, Deer Island has been supplying sardines for canneries.

There's also salmon farming around Deer Island. A significant number of Deer Island residents are employed in salmon farming.

You'll also see lobster pounds on Deer Island. They hold the lobsters while they're being kept before being shipped to market.